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MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL has been in business in the Mediterranean since 1989. Our company has built an ongoing, solid relationship with Yacht Owners that allows us to cater for their needs. That’s why, in almost 30 years in business, we have collected hundreds of Sea Trials about our Yachts for sale.

In this section you will find Yacht Brochures, tests, and the best reviews about yachts and boats manufactured by the most internationally-acclaimed Builders.

Find out all the information about the Yacht you’re looking for, such as: construction, materials, sailing/engine performance, maximum cruising speed, and much more.

The Azimut 43 feels bigger than it is. Check out the flying bridge. It has a hatch to close off the stairs, which some 50-footers don’t even have, plus...Continua a leggere
The utilitarian styling of the Ovni 395 may narrow its market appeal, but any pragmatic cruiser will gladly allow function to lead fashion out onto the high seas. Philippe...Continua a leggere
The Azimut Atlantis 50 is built at Azimut’s factory in Avigliana, (Italy) the company’s home base, and receives, we are assured, exactly the same level of attention in terms...Continua a leggere
The Sun Fast 43 offers a choice of two, three, or four cabin layouts. The two-cab setup with one cabin aft leaves room for what looks like, on the...Continua a leggere
Building on the successful styling of the Bavaria 46, the Bavaria Cruiser 47 captures the spirit of everything that sets Bavaria apart. Whether you choose the three- or four-cabin...Continua a leggere
The X-41 OD is a racing yacht with full accommodation with which you do anything and everything. It has, as standard equipment, wonderful detailing to help performance, including hardware...Continua a leggere
When the Vallicelli design of the Comet 51 S (S stands for Sport) was revealed at the 2002 Genoa Boat Dhow there was no missing her. Studio Vallicelli have...Continua a leggere
The Privilege 495 is larger than her predecessor, the 48 from which much of this boats detail has been distilled. The view is reinforced by the spacious cockpit. Marc...Continua a leggere
Ferretti 620 is a Fly with the performance of an Open. It goes faster than 35 knots, with luxury and comfortable interiors. The Ferretti 620 has 3 cabins, the...Continua a leggere
The concept and construction of the Oceanis 461 are directly linked to the Oceanis range experience. Owing much to her predecessors, whether in terms of her dimensions, the technology...Continua a leggere
At first glance, the Apreamare 12 meters appears to be the kind of boat you’d like for your retirement years. Her profile is traditional, accented with mahogany, and it...Continua a leggere
With the Predator 68 , it all starts at the helm. There are two seats to starboard, with the outboard one being for the driver; a matching pair of...Continua a leggere