Sell your Yacht

A YACHT is undoubtedly one of the most precious goods to acquire. Therefore, when the time has come to sell it, all Owners want to achieve the best possible price for the sale, as well as an effective service that can protect him/her from any setback.

With an exclusive Central Agency agreement, Media Ship International will guarantee you the following services:

  • Detailed inspection and analysis of the Yacht and its key features, in order to introduce it to clients in the best way;
  • Careful assessment of your Yacht’s documentation;
  • Creation of a descriptive brochure of the Yacht, translated in 5 languages, with all details about accessories and equipments;
  • Analysis of the commercial value of the yacht within domestic and international market;
  • Schedule and mange on-board and video visits with potential clients;
  • Video and/or photo shooting of your Yacht for promotional purposes;
  • Online marketing actions, such as the creation of newsletters for our database of more than 31,500 contacts, as well as Social Media marketing campaigns directed to our 218,000 Web users on Media Ship International platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and over 600 national and international Brokers selected by us;
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns on the best international industry portals, as well as on our Web site;
  • Direct promotion of the Yacht sale within the main national and international Yacht Shows;

The exclusive agreement as a Central Agent is a great opportunity for the Seller! Indeed, the Seller will count on: a single interlocutor, unique information about your Yacht (price, video, selected photos) but shared by Media Ship International with its network of broker and partners, without any initial cost. Brokerage fees will be paid once the deal is sealed.

Alessandro Guardigli, CEO of Media Ship International is a Yacht Broker registered with ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association), with professional liability insurance and dedicated escrow account for clients.

Publish your boat on mediaship.it and show it to thousands of users. You can choose whether to post a preliminary brochure of your boat in just a few clicks, or a detailed brochure with photos, video, sea trial, and much more.

The more details are included in the boat description, the higher will be the visibility of the ad and, consequently, the chances to sell it.

  •  I hereby authorize Media Ship International s.r.l. to promote the sale of this Yacht.
  • I hereby authorize Media Ship International s.r.l. to process sensitive data.


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