Since 1989, MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL enhances the value  of your Yacht

  • By introducingyour Yacht with the same care as the Owner, by acquiring its history and technical information, by creating an accurate photo shoot and a video of your Yacht, by crafting a presentation of your Yacht, by selecting the best sea trials in the industry, as well as by creating a detailed technical brochure.
  • Through a professional promotion of the sales of yourYacht, both on our international Web site IT, translated in 5 languages and with more than 132,000 Web users and 21,500 direct contacts, and on the largest national and international portals.
  • By promoting the sale of yourYacht within the most important national and international Yacht Shows.
  • By promoting the sale of yourYacht to more than 600 international Brokers that have been selected throughout the years, but with the advantage of having MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL as your single point of contact.



  1. Viewing the vessel and assessing its sales price;
  2. Working with the aim of promoting and advertise the sale of the vessel;
  3. Organize visits of the vessel with potential buyers;
  4. Provide, upon Seller’s request, information on the brokerage activity carried out;
  5. Promptly transfer to the Seller any purchase offer;
  6. Provide assistance in negotiations with clients referred by the Broker, until signing a Sales and purchase Agreement.
  7. Communicate the sale of the vessel through newsletters addressed to its database or more than 21,500 direct contacts and 132,000 Web users;
  8. Promote the sale of the vessel also through a collaboration with more than 600 selected brokers, both domestically and abroad.
  9. Advertise the sale of the vessel both on its international portal, as well as industry portals like Yacht World, Mondial Broker, Yacht Village, iNautia, Boat.com, Cosas de Barcos etc.
  10. Promote the sale at events/trade shows in which Media Ship International S.r.l. participates;
  11. Advertise the sale of the vessel through onsite signs, as well as in-house ads.



Publish your boat on mediaship.it and show it to thousands of users. You can choose whether to post a preliminary brochure of your boat in just a few clicks, or a detailed brochure with photos, video, sea trial, and much more.

The more details are included in the boat description, the higher will be the visibility of the ad and, consequently, the chances to sell it.

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  • I hereby authorize Media Ship International s.r.l. to process sensitive data.


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