By entrusting the exclusive sale of your boat to MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL with a Central Agency contract, you will protect the value of your boat, as well as remove any overlaps, misunderstanding and the risk of price spiraling downwards. For MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL, your commitment is vital and it is our best warranty.

MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL invests in your Yacht

For an official promotion of our Yachts for sale,
MEDIA SHIP INTERNATIONAL carries out several activities. Below you will find
the 10 most important ones:

  1. We visit your boat with the utmost care, in order to find out details concerning the strongest points, as well as the upgrades needed, and provide an accurate description to our potential clients.
  2. We carefully check navigation documents to make sure there were no extraordinary events, and that data are in line with the information concerning the boat.
  3. We compiled a detailed technical brochure in 5 languages with all characteristics, equipment and accessories of the boat.
  4. We create a photo album of interior and exterior, as well as of all systems.
  5. We shoot a professional video of your boat (we use a camera + a drone for aerial shooting). A video is the most effective way to show the condition of the boat, and therefore its value, to a potential buyer.
  6. We promote the sale of a boat on the best International portals (such as YachtWorld, Mondial Broker, iNautia, etc.), as well as on our Web Site and Media Ship App for portable devices.
  7. We run regular Web Marketing campaigns through newsletters sent to our network of more than 12,000 Yacht Owners.
  8. We directly promote the boat at the main International Yacht Shows.
  9. We promote the boat through our network of more than 350 National and International brokers carefully selected by us, and their relevant databases of contacts, with the benefit of a single reference contact.
  10. We organize viewings and on-board visits to introduce your boat with the same care of a Yacht Owner.


Publish your boat on mediaship.it and show it to thousands of users. You can choose whether to post a preliminary brochure of your boat in just a few clicks, or a detailed brochure with photos, video, sea trial, and much more.

The more details are included in the boat description, the higher will be the visibility of the ad and, consequently, the chances to sell it.

  •  I hereby authorize Media Ship International s.r.l. to promote the sale of this Yacht.
  • I hereby authorize Media Ship International s.r.l. to process sensitive data.


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