Starmarine 36

Starmarine 36
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The STARMARINE 36 T-TOP FISH is a safe and easy-to-handle boat, suitable for everyday use both for leisure and fishing. It is a Fisherman inspired to American boats, such as Luhrs, Bertram and Hatteras. However, unlike these boats which have only one cabin or just a bed with bathroom, the Starmarine 36 has 2 comfortable double cabins, with a bow master cabin, and one bathroom, in order to guarantee on-board privacy and comfort, also thanks to its wide wardrobes. The bathroom is in front of the guest cabin and it is equipped with sink, WC, bidet and shower. The cockpit of the Starmarine 36 T-Top Fish is equipped with several lockers and it allows the access to the navigation bridge, as well as the engine room below and the bow deck. The sideways that lead to the bow deck are accessible from the side of the cockpit, where we can find the sun deck (in front of the windshield), the access hatch, the windlass and the anchor locker. The bow deck area is not accessible while cruising. The hull of the Starmarine 36 T-Top Fish is planing, with a smooth bow and squared stern. The boat was designed to cruise in weather conditions with a wind force up to 8 of Beaufort scale, with significant wave height of 4 mt. 
Muggia (Trieste)-based STARMARINE HIGHTECH was founded by Lorenzo Soppani in 2001 and mainly built sail and motor boats renowned for their design, performance and careful semi-craft manufacturing, by using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. Among the most famous models there are: Starmarine T-Top Fish, Millenium 40 (designed by Marco Lostuzzi) and Millenium 45 (designed by Umberto Felci). View the online brochure