Privilege 495 – Special Offer for this multihull catamaran

Privilege 495
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The Privilege 495 is perhaps the most comfortable, seaworthy and robust cruising cat ever built. The Privilege 495 features an improved internal layout to the 465. The galley is now down in the port hull and the saloon has two separate seating areas providing more space for relaxation. It is built in a mould by contact lamination of a PVC / glass / isophtalic polyester resin sandwich. This 50 footer is classically beautiful with harmonious proportions and wedge-shaped lines that improve aerodynamics. The dedication to luxury and practical comfort is unequalled on a Privilege cat. The joinery and finish inside are matched only by the caliber and quality of the stainless fittings on deck. The salon and cabins are roomy and light; the cockpit is large and offers easy access to wide transoms.

This tough, uncompromising yacht will take your family in complete safety and comfort through the Caribbean or on a circumnavigation. The Privilege 495 is a successful ocean-cruising catamaran which is easy to live with, solid and long-lasting, as well as having surprising performance off the wind in a good breeze.

This Privilege 495 has had only one owner and it has been under the care of industry professional who effected all needed ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, such as the replacement of propellers and battieries. The blue hull was achieve by applying wrappings, that can be removed in order to expose the original white hull.

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