Hallberg Rassy 37

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The Hallberg Rassy 37 was designed by the renowned designer German Frers and it recaptures the main characteristics of its 36-footer predecessor: reliability and soundness. Moreover, it is also an elegant boat, with careful attention to details and an excellent construction quality. The middle cockpit, as in all Hallberg Rassy boats, is a distinctive feature of this 37 footer too and it does influence its design and layout of the deck plan. Additionally, it is also well-protected, organized and extremely comfortable. Deck equipment is easy and well-ordered, while the sail plan is masthead-rigged, with a slightly overlapping genoa, that can be furled with a Furlex jib furler. For the mainsail it is possible to choose a full-batten solution with lazy jack or another with mainsail furler, that can be handled from the cockpit. For what concerns the interior, the Hallberg Rassy 37 layout was reversed compared to the previous 36’ model and all storage volume elements were optimized, with a wide range of cabinets, lockers, peaks and drawers. We also wish to highlight the high level of joinery and mahogany. The Hallberg Rassy 37 is equipped with a very sensitive rudder and it is easy to handle both with sails and engine. 
The story of the renowned Swedish brand HALLBERG-RASSY began in 1972, when Harry Hallberg and Cristoph Rassy decided to set aside their past rivalry and create what will become one of the most important boating brands worldwide. The first boat born out of their partnership was the Monsum 31, launched in 1974, but it’s only in 1988, when German Frers joined the team as Head of Design, that the shipyard took off. From now on, Hallberg-Rassy boats become the queens of the Cruising sector; not only these boats are safe and suitable for Ocean Sailing, but they are also very performing. Hallberg Rassy manufactured more than 9,400 boats and, currently, 100% of the Group’s companies belong to Rassy family. Currently, the shipyard produces 37-64 footers with central cockpit and models between 9.40 and 13 mt with stern cockpit. View brochure.