NAUTOR’S SWAN shipyard was founded in Finland in 1966 by Pekka Kosknkyla, with a 36 footer designed by Sparkman & Stephens: the Swan 36. Commercial success was immediate and many Swan 36 are still sailing all over the world today. From the very beginning, Nautor’s Swan production distinguished herself for the all-level quality without compromise, from designing to construction materials, deck equipment and systems. Slightly before Christmas 1969, the production halted due to a major fire that destroyed most of the plant, but in the following years Swan production focused on the high-end market, with boats up to 55’. Starting by 1979, the new Swans were designed by Gérman Frers, and more than 700 yachts were produced thanks to his designs, such as: the Swan 51 (1981) followed by the Swan 46 I & II (from 1983 to 2007), Swan 53 (1996), Swan 44 (1985), the new Swan 36 (1988) and the Swan 48 (1995). Maxi boats include models between the Swan 60 and the Swan 115, while One Designs include the Swan 45 (2001), Club Swan 42 (2005), Club Swan 50 (2015) and the Club Swan 125 Custom, which is currently under construction upon request of an expert owner fond of regattas. Nautor’s Swan is a leader in Sailing Yachts, and the shipyard is able to build boats that offer a perfect balance between style and performance, thanks to a state-of-the-art technical know-how, as well as a future and innovation-oriented business strategy. Swan yachts are considered “everlasting” in terms of quality and soundness, moreover they’re popular all over the world, therefore they are considered an investment over time.
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Sailboats, CRUISING

  12,50 x 3,70 | 1 x 80 PERKINS


  1974   LIGURIA

€ 80.000,00


  14,05 x 4,27 | 1 x 60 PERKINS


  1988   TOSCANA

€ 195.000,00


  17,50 x 4,80 | 1 x 99 PERKINS


  1979   LAZIO

€ 179.000,00