ELAN MARINE history began in former Yugoslavia in 1949, and more precisely in Begunje (now Slovenia) with the production of small boats. The first successes date back to the ‘50s and ’60, thanks to the exports to the USA. However, we still have to wait for the next decade for sailboats production to take off. In 1983, the Elan 31 deisgned by Jakopin brothers (J&J studio) was a real turning point: in fact it was Elan Marine’s first commercial success. The collaboration with Jakopin brothers lasts until 1994; the last of the many models designed by them was the Elan 431. After the war in former Yugoslavia, Elan Marine started to collaborate with designer Rob Humphreys, who managed to convey the best spirit of the cruiser/racer that sealed Elan success. In the last twenty years, Elan Marine further consolidated its success; in 2004 the builder introduced a new range of boats for long cruises, the Impression, that give a modern twist to the deck-saloon. We also have the Performance line, with 5 models (from 210 to 450), dedicated to cruising-racing models. Elan Marine is a very appreciated brand in the sector of large-scale production, which owes a big part of its success to its propensity towards innovation.
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ELAN 431

Sailboats, CRUISING

  13,68 x 4,05 | 1 x 50 VOLVO


  1988   LAZIO

€ 52.000,00