The story of the renowned Swedish brand HALLBERG-RASSY began in 1972, when Harry Hallberg and Cristoph Rassy decided to set aside their past rivalry and create what will become one of the most important boating brands worldwide. The first boat born out of their partnership was the Monsum 31, launched in 1974, but it’s only in 1988, when German Frers joined the team as Head of Design, that the shipyard took off. From now on, Hallberg-Rassy boats become the queens of the Cruising sector; not only these boats are safe and suitable for Ocean Sailing, but they are also very performing. Hallberg Rassy manufactured more than 9,400 boats and, currently, 100% of the Group’s companies belong to Rassy family. Currently, the shipyard produces 37-64 footers with central cockpit and models between 9.40 and 13 mt with stern cockpit.
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